Extra clear
Also known as: Diamond glass, Optiwhite glass
The normal Float glass has à light green color, due to the content of iron oxide in the sand. By the addition of other solvents used in the melting of normal Float and this with a higher melt temperature, the iron oxide is removed. Extra clear finished glass is obtained with a greater light and energy transmission, an important factor for the solar heat in the winter. The extra clear glass is increasingly used as a standard in a variety of applications, from laminated to fire-resistant glazing.

Extra clear glass 2mm 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 44/2 55/2


Etched mirror      
Extra clear laminated                  

 Products on stock

  • Stairs : laminated, tempered en polished : 88/2, 1010/2, 1010/4, 101010/4 even in opal
  • DLF 2250/2550 x 3210
  • Mixed cases
  • Retail sheets
  • Fix measures / Polished edges


 Architects put increasing demands on the transparency of glass as a material.

 Nature, environment , interior , displays , exhibition halls, stairs, furniture , frames, pictures and others are forcing us to true color rendering with the use of extra clear glass in every application.