EVM exists for over 100 years as "Trading Company" for the whole Western European market and overseas, both for private and professional users.

Our specialization is focused on providing and / or placing restauration glasses.
We have a very large stock in either single or laminated monumental glass and we also manufacture double restauration glass with a thickness of 10mm and krypton gas.

The modern architecture and the application of the latest standards require more and more laminated, HST tempered, double and triple glazing with structural bonding, or assembly with Vanceva PVB to obtain different colors or with an extra clear glass to reduce the green tint in the mass of glass in order to increase the light transmission.

We also offer a wide range of fire-resistant and flame-resistant glass products and fireproof wooden windows.

Curved glass combines freedom in architectural design at the advantages and qualities of glass products, available in tempered, laminated or double glazing.

EVM distributes flexible glass walls in both insulated and non-insulated versions. Both are receiving increasing attention for their various applications such as balcony glazing, separation from pergola and porch as well as separation of two indoor spaces.