HR+ glass with warm-edge spacer

Warm Edge spacer bars insulate the edges of a sealed unit and keep the panes of glass apart.
Traditionally spacer bars were aluminium, which is highly conductive to heat allowing it to pass through the window.

When it’s cold outside and warm inside, heat escapes through the spacer leaving the inside edge of the window colder than the rest of it. This heat loss means more heating is needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Warm Edge spacer bars are made of an insulating plastic composite material that becomes a barrier to heat loss.
Warm edge spacers reduce the amount of heat lost through the sealed unit.
They keep the edge of the sealed unit warm. As a result less heat is lost through the windows and heating bills are lower.

• Lower heating bills
• A more comfortable temperature in the home
• A reduction in the risk of condensation forming at the edge of the sealed unit
• Long lasting performance

A warm edge spacer bar helps improve a window’s energy efficiency but it has other important functions.
It keeps the panes of glass apart and with sealants and desiccants, should be a gas tight barrier to prevent moisture vapour getting in and insulating gas leaking out of the sealed unit.

If the spacer bar doesn’t stop moisture vapour transmission and gas leakage, the sealed unit will become energy inefficient and eventually fail completely.

Of course, the lifetime performance of a sealed unit depends on the volume and quantity of sealants and desiccants, as well as how well-made it is. But warm-edge gas tight barrier foils stop 100% of gas leaking out and moisture getting into the sealed unit through the spacer bar to give long lasting performance and help save energy year after year.

Warm edge
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