What is Lacobel?

Interior decorative glasses are present everywhere these days.

Lacobel is a range of painted coated float glass which is intended exclusively for indoor use. A quality paint was brought to one of the sides of the glass. Gloss and color characterises this range of glass, with many trendy colors.

Whether you opt for a trendy or modest color, lacobel provides light effects and creates new perspectives.

Benefits of Lacobel glass

Lacobel suits with current trends of interior design : it fits perfectly with other materials such as wood, steel and stone.

In order to retain its color and appearance, the painted side on the back of the Lacobel glass must always be fixed to the side of the supporting panel, which protects the glass from all kinds of degradations.

Easy to mount
The mounting instructions are the same as for mirrors. The use of double-sided tape is recommended.

Environmentally friendly
The used coatings contain no heavy metals and no chemicals that could harm the environment.

Writing surface
Lacobel can also be used as a writing surface, providing creative communication possibilities.


Lacobel is only intended for indoor use
  • horizontal or vertical
  • tables
  • shelves
  • Fix and sliding doors for cupboards and wardrobes
  • Wall coverings
  • Kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • ...
Lacobel Safe

All Lacobel colors are available in safety execution called “SAFE”. A transparent, colorless polypropylene film is applied on the back side of the Lacobel. This film has a three functions :

  • In case of breakage, the sharves will stick to the film, to avoid injuries.
  • The paint layer is protected from scratches.
  • The paint layer is protected from moisture if used for bathrooms and kitchens.

   Lacobel 4mm 6mm
Lacobel white / black

Lacobel Standard color *

Lacobel Non Standard color **

Lacobel white 9010 Optiwhite

Lacobel Chromatic blue


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  • DLF 2250/2550 x 3210
  • Mixed cases
  • Retail sheets
  • Cut retail sheets
  • Fix measures / polished edges