Sound control
Also known as: Phonibel, stratobel, optiphone, phonique, climaplus silence, acoustic glass

Sound control

Sound insulation keeps the noise outside!

Traffic, work, loud music: these are examples of noise that we all have to deal with every day and which could seriously harm the quality of life. By choosing the right glass you can optimally protect themselves against this kind of inconvenience. As a solution we offer double soundproof glass.

What is soundproof double glazing?

Double soundproof glazing is double glazing that offers excellent sound absorbing performance and at the same time allows for an improved thermal insulation (HR).

How work soundproof double glass

Volume is displayed in decibels (dB). Wants a sound not to be disruptive, then may the limit of 35 dB during the day and 30 dB during the night not exceed. Sound proof glass protects against noise coming from all possible sources such as street noise, traffic, highways, proximity to rail, airports and so on. This type of glazing increases the acoustic comfort in the home and has a better sound absorption than ordinary double glazing.

This double glazing offers besides optimum sound even better thermal insulation. This glass is composed of:

  • two glass plates of different thickness, or
  • a glass plate plus a layered plate and between them a special acoustic PVB foil

This glass also contributes to the protection of property and individuals.

Sound control

Benefits of soundproof double glass

This glass protects against external noise and ensures peace and quiet in the house.

  • Enjoy wonderful peace and tranquility in your home environment.
  • Protect yourself from stress and sleep disturbance.
  • Create an environment for your children where they can study efficiently in a pleasant way.
  • Limit the impact noise from rain and hail on the windows of your porch.

Low-noise high-efficiency glazing can be combined with various other applications, such as solar shading self- cleaning and decoration. With a view to greater acoustic comfort, we offer several types of sound-proof glass, each with different attenuation values (number of dB that the window stops) for the most diverse applications.

Overview soundcontrol glass

The noise level is measured in decibels (dB). "0dB" represents maximize audibility limit of the human ear (hearing threshold). A pleasant noise level should generally not be above 35dB. In contrast 140dB represents the pain threshold. Here are some typical values: peaceful forest = 20dB, 40dB = reading, conversation = 60dB, 90dB = average volume of traffic, airplane taking off = 130dB.

Glass compositions

Cavity 10mm Cavity 16mm Cavity 20mm
4mm/ / 4mm 28dB 30dB 31dB
4mm/ / 6mm 32dB 34dB 35dB
4mm/ /44.2 laminated 35dB 37dB 38dB
4mm/ /44.2 laminated soundproof 37dB 39dB 40dB
6mm/ / 44.2 laminated 35dB 37dB 38dB
6mm/ / 44.2 laminated soundproof 39dB 41dB 42dB
44.2 gelaagd/ /44.2 laminated 36dB 38dB 39dB
44.2 laminated soundproof/ /44.2 laminated soundproof 42dB 44dB 45dB